The  Journey

April 16, 2017 Keshavpur

Meera and Kanti woke up both the kids and to their surprise both Raghu and Karan didn’t take more than a nudge to get up from their bed. By 5.30 am, they all were on their way to the railway station. Karan’s parents were waiting at the railway station for all of them. They handed over Karan’s bag to Meera and gave some packed sweets and snacks to the kids for the journey. As the train approached the platform, Karan hugged his parents and both Karan and Raghu got into their compartment. Meera and Kanti Dev exchanged some more notes with Karan’s parents and joined the kids as the train started sliding through the platform. After all the tizzy of catching the train early morning, people started to relax with the light rhythmic swaying of the train. After initial jumping and squealing, Raghu and Karan also dozed off. Raghu’s father put both the kids on the upper two berths and decided to take a short nap for himself.

At around 9 am, Raghu felt the sun rays hit his eyes. He lay there feeling his body moving from left to right in swaying soft jerks matching with the sound of the chugging train. Suddenly, he felt something poking into his foot. He tried to wriggle it off but felt the thing pinching through his skin in the same swaying rhythm. He got up and looked at his foot and saw a pencil lying by the side of his foot. He took it in his hands and looked around. His mother’s bag was lying next to him. “Oh, I may have pushed the pencil out of mom’s bag”, he thought and left the pencil there and turned towards the seats. The morning had set in and the sunlight was becoming brighter. He looked down and saw Karan enjoying his fruit juice sitting next to the window and Meera and Kanti were busy in some animated conversation. “I also want juice” he yelled and started to slide down. As soon as Meera saw Raghu coming down, she rushed to catch him and held him till he settled on the seat beside Karan. Meera gave Raghu juice and asked both the kids what they plan to do once they reach Krsna Nagar. “And what about the homework”, Kanti asked the kids. “We have a plan in place, isn’t it buddy?” Karan asked Raghu while stretching his hands for a high-five. “Yes, and we have already talked with grandpa about it”, said Raghu while giving a high-five.

As the day passed, Raghu and Karan started playing the games they had brought with them. It was 12 pm when Meera pulled out some sandwiches packed by Karan’s mother and asked the kids to have their lunch. Suddenly she remembered she had kept her bag on the upper berth in which she was taking her sketches along. As she lifted her bag from the berth, she saw the pencil that Raghu had left behind. Meera didn’t recognize the pencil but thought it must have come out of her bag while Raghu was sleeping. She kept the pencil inside her bag and took the bag down and placed it beside her.

“Planning to sketch?”, Kanti asked while looking at Meera bringing her bag down. Meera smiled and nodded in a no. “I just wanted to go through the sketch I made last night. I feel it needs another look.”

Meera was a famous sketch artist and she was looking forward to this visit to her mother’s and grand mother’s place since long. Her mother Aarti Pandit died when Meera was 20 years old in a freak accident. After his wife’s demise and Meera’s marraige, Mayur Pandit – Meera’s father – decided to take early retirement and went back to stay at Aarti’s mother’s home in Krsna Nagar with Aarti’s mother – Kavita Grewal.

Part 3…coming soon…..




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