The Roots

April 16, 2017 Keshavpur to Krsna Nagar

As Raghu and Karan got busy playing game after having their snacks and Kanti immersed himself in the newspaper, Meera got lost into her thoughts.  She wanted her last week before holidays in her studio calm and peaceful but things took a different turn. Last Monday when she reached studio, Aneez was already waiting for her. Aneez is not someone whose example was given for punctuality. He always used to reach studio two to three minutes shy of being officially declared late. Today he was sitting in his arena deep in thoughts when Meera reached the studio.

Meera was 8 years old when her science teacher caught her drawing on her paper instead of writing. She could see Meera holding the pencil like a sailing ship making waves on the paper. She looked at Meera’s sheet and was so impressed by what she saw. She could not imagine an eight year old girl making such a beautiful portrait. Gradually, it became apparent to everyone around her that she was a gifted artist.

However, for Meera’s parents – Aarti and Mayur Pandit – it didn’t come as a surprise. After all, Meera was the daughter of the famous artist Kavita Grewal.  Ms. Grewal was known for her abstract art and for the distinct life she had led in Krsna Nagar as a strikingly bold woman enjoying her art and its manifestation around her. Living with her celebrated mother never put any pressure on Aarti to take after her mother’s passion. But one thing that she took from her mother was independence. Aarti spent her childhood in Krsna Nagar in the beautiful abode made by her mother but soon realized the need to be in the big city to materialize her dreams of becoming a journalist. This dream brought her to Keshavpur’s College of Journalism. It is in this college where Aarti met Mayur and later they both went on to make Keshavpur their home.

Meera was born to Aarti and Mayur in a house full of books and journals. She grew up listening to the endless debates and discussions between her parents and their friends. Aarti and Mayur soon realized the gentle but very potent imprints of Kavita Grewal on their daughter. After Meera finished her school, her father took her to Krsna Nagar.  He wanted her to spend some time with her grand mother learning the intricacies of art. Meera was to return to Keshavpur in a year to join her college but, she decided to stay on for some more time and that some more time turned into good 10 years.

“Did you never leave or you forgot to sleep last night” Mira asked Aneez while sitting across him. Aneez smiled and reached out for his coffee, “Should I get one for you”. Meera waved her hand in a no and raised her eyebrows. Aneez got the cue and started speaking, “Well, this morning I got a call from Mr. Anindya Sharma of A100 Arts. He wanted to come and meet us this morning in our studio.”

Part 4…coming soon….



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